Dental Spa Services

Stress-Free Dentistry

Although a dental office isn’t the first place you would associate with peace and relaxation, we aim to impart exactly those feelings.  We designed a comfortable and relaxing environment to make your visit at Lakeview Dental Spa unlike any other visit to the dentist.  We blend a highly trained dental team with our relaxing spa services to create a unique atmosphere with an emphasis on excellence. 


Let Us Pamper You and Your Smile.

Receive extraordinary dental care while enjoying any or all of our comforting, complimentary luxuries.  

* Greeting area with flat screen t.v. and cozy seating.

* Coffee,and bottled water.

* Soothing, relaxing spa music.

* Warm lavender towels

* Aromatherapy candles.

* Paraffin wax hand treatments.

* Chair side hand and arm massage.

* Noise canceling headphones. 

* T.V.’s in operatories.

* Leg and neck pillows.

* Blankets for comfort.


Do these extras cost me more?

No. The dental spa services listed above are completely complimentary.  We offer all of these services to make your visit more relaxing. Why not choose an office you actually look forward to visiting!


PRePare To Be pampered.

We understand that the dentist isn’t always your favorite place to be.  We hope that our dental spa in Beavercreek, Ohio helps ease any dental anxieties and relax you while we provide gentle dental care.

Dr. Patel and her staff are here to answer all of you dental questions.

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