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Before and After Photos

Anterior Crowns / Composite Fillings

My experience at Lakeview Dental Spa has been nothing less than phenomenal! I have always been embarrassed about my teeth, never smiled showing my teeth since I was young.

The caring staff made me feel comfortable during each and every visit. They have given me a brand new smile that I CAN be proud of! I can now smile and show my teeth and not feel like everyone is judging me or making fun of me!

This experience has made me so much more confident when I speak! It has totally changed how I see myself and I have to thank all the wonderful staff at Lakeview Dental Spa for everything they have done for me !



This patient did not like that her laterals (the two teeth next to her front teeth) were small in comparison to her other teeth.  This is commonly referred to a “peg laterals”.  We corrected this concern with two porcelain veneers giving her smile the symmetry she wanted.  


 Fillings / Partial Denture 

This patient was part of our Smile Makeover in 2013. Years of dental neglect had left him not only embarrassed of his teeth but in a tremendous amount of pain.  We did several composite fillings, extractions and a partial denture to get him out of pain and provide him with more chewing function. We were able to restore his teeth back to where he could smile with confidence!